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A Great Week in the World of Sports Cards

A Great Week in the World of Sports Cards
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What a great week in the world of sports cards. Here are a few of the sports cards and collectibles that caught our attention this week!

This week we had several new releases. 

  • Synergy Hockey for the price appears to be a great rip. Under $100 for a chance at Alexis Rookie cards and his first live autos. Expect these to sell for thousands and thousands of dollars. 
  • 2020 Donruss Elite is once again loaded with Draft picks and international prospects. Every box has 10 hits with 8 being autographed.  
  • Eminence Basketball is back for the first time in 4-5 years. The price tag is crazy but this product holds some of the rarest and sought after cards of all time. 
  • Immaculate soccer also came out. With the current stars, rookies, and addition of David Beckham, this stuff is en Fuego. 
  • Keep your eye on 2001 upper deck golf boxes and cases. Also, watch closely Tiger Rookie Cards and Autographs. 
  • With hockey right around the corner get your investments in now. 
  • Keep in mind that BGS and PSA are both at a complete gridlock stop. Patience is the key. 
  • Allure Hockey was delayed for a few weeks. 

The only new release this week is playbook football. 

If you are interested in sports trading cards or other collectible items you can check out our website or visit us today!

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